Solène and Ice Cream

Solène has been blogging about food since 2012. Her blog In the mood for food is written in French and English and features sections dedicated to healthier recipes as well as recommended places to visit such as the crazy ice-cream maker in Munich. Originally from France, she recently moved to Berlin where she works in the food marketing field.

What made you start blogging?

It all started with student life where I had no choice but to cook on my own every day. To be perfectly honest it was quite chaotic at the beginning and I regularly burnt my food. After a bit of practice I started to really enjoy cooking and thought about sharing my recipes and experiences with people. Initially I just wanted to get some feedback but after I had launched my blog it quickly became a real passion.

What do you enjoy most about food blogging?

Beyond the cooking, I enjoy all things around it: taking pictures and sharing the love for good food, quality products used in recipes and one’s general well-being. What I find most rewarding is the interaction with people on social media and receiving their feedback and advice. I enjoy meeting other bloggers and sharing tips. My friends make fun of me sometimes because I’m unstoppable when it’s time to talk about food or restaurants - I could talk about it for hours!

What could you tell us about the ‘The Place To Be’ and ‘Health and Nutrition’ sections of your blog?

The blog started with only a few recipes, but eventually I started writing reviews of places I liked in various cities I’ve lived in or visited. I’ve also written a couple of city guides including lists of nice things to do and eat there. For the past year I’ve been adding healthy recipes in the ‘Health and Nutrition’ section, not only because I like sports a lot, but also because I believe exercising or following a particular diet does not have to mean “no pleasure on the plate”.

What is the dish you are most proud of?

There are two dishes that come to mind. One is Matcha and Azuki Puffed Brioche for its aesthetic but also its taste. I’m trying to avoid making it again before summer as it makes it very easy to add on the pounds! ;-) The other dish I’m proud of is my Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce. Some friends who absolutely hate cinnamon were just crazy about this cake! It really made me feel great knowing they liked it so much.

Which food blogs do you like to follow?

I love to read blogs such as My New Roots or Green Kitchen Stories. Beyond the recipes, they’re also about maintaining a healthy and conscious lifestyle. I find these blogs very inspiring and I start following more and more this way of living and cooking.

What camera equipment do you use?

A Nikon D5300 with a 18-55mm lens. I often work with a tripod and a remote shutter control in order to have more possibilities while taking the pictures.

Are there any food photography tips you’d like to share?

I always use natural light for my pictures. I think that’s very important as fake “natural” light never looks as good as real natural light. Other than that, I wouldn’t dare give much advice as I learned photography and food styling on my own. Sometimes I think it’s more about feeling than a particular technique.

Which chefs have inspired you the most and why?

Paul Bocuse is one of the French cuisine stars – his cuisine is mostly traditional but so tasty and filling. Lyonnaise cuisine is influenced a lot by his style. You’ll easily find in many Bouchon restaurants a certain onion soup or other typical dishes that have made him famous.

In the mood for food - Presentation

What are you up to these days?

I’ve recently completed my studies and moved to Berlin - an awesome capital city for food lovers! I’m looking to work in this great field as much as possible. I’ve started working more in the areas of food marketing and food photography and styling - I love it! I’m also trying to focus a lot on my blog – it can be a challenge to make it fit the daily schedule with working life, social life, and training.

Thanks Solène for the interview! Make sure to check her site as well as her profile page at Resepiz.